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Digital Identity and Digital On-Boarding in Banking,

4th of December 2020

Online Event

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, every interaction with the customer matters as it provides you with an opportunity to leave an everlasting impression on them. Banks are focusing extensively on customer satisfaction by offering innovative products and services. For example Alibaba and Amazon have changed the way we shop and Facebook and WhatsApp have changed the way we connect.


In the world of financial services, customers are always in the center of all operations. Banks and Financial institutes alongside with solutions providers are constantly improving and coming up with new ideas and methods to connect and retain customers.


Nowadays, customers have evolved and put banks and financial institutes at high standard and expect premium digital experiences in return or in other words Omni channel presence. This builds a lot of pressure on banks to come up with a client onboarding process that can deliver their customers with rich experience. In this webinar, we are going to discuss how client onboarding is evolving, what are the challenges associated with it, and what’s its future.


Our Focus will be on :


  • What are the greatest challenges KYC/Due Diligence, Sales Handoff
  • Credit Originating Process/ Treasury Management Onboarding
  • How regulations will be affecting the process
  • Inadequate product training within the bank
  • Challenges of remote working and Client Onboarding
  • Penetrating the whole process with digitalization while staying compliant.






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Who Should Attend

VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers of:

Client Onboarding Officer
Digital Onboarding Officer
Head of Identity and Access
Head of Customer Experience
Head of Digital Innovation
Chief Digital Officer
Head of Design
Head of Digital Service Delivery
Global Head of Client Solutions
Customer Relationship Manager
Marketing Director
Business Development Director
Head of Data and Analytics
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Fraud Management Officer
Anti Money Laundering Officer
Risk management Officer
Head of Product Management
Chief Information Officer
Chief Compliance officer


Financial Institutions
Financial Services
Accounting and Audit firms
E-Commerce and Internet Business
IT Vendors
Software Consultancy
IT Infrastructure
Insurance Companies

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